906 Survival Guides on Your Keychain
Get the official Keychain Survival Library, with over 1.8 GB of life-saving information, for just $39.95
This collection of 906 survival guides includes time-tested manuals and books from the entire spectrum of emergency preparedness and self sufficiency.
The Keychain Survival Library comes preloaded on a high-quality, 4GB USB drive. Actual file size is 1.8 GB, so you'll have plenty of room to upload your own files. 
Collection contains titles from the following categories:
Military & Tactical (68 downloads)
Wilderness Survival (67 downloads)
Food Storage & Preparation (298 downloads)
Homesteading (105 downloads)
Health & Emergency Medicine (88 downloads)
Security (29 downloads)
Bushcraft (20)
Comms & Electrical (28)
General Survival (57 downloads)
Alternative Energy (40 downloads)
Water (50 downloads)
Construction (26 downloads)
Knot Tying (13 downloads)
Urban Survival (17 downloads)
Thoughtfully Organized
All files have been scanned for duplicates, and topically organized into folders and sub-folders. 

Every effort has been made to help you quickly access the information that you need, exactly when you need it.
14 categories. 1.8 GB.
Money back guarantee. 100% Risk Free.
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